Airdrop Uniswap: users received $ 560M in UNI tokens in 7 days

Uniswap protocol users have already claimed 117 million UNI tokens.

Uniswap issued and distributed $ 580 million in 1 week

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Dune Analytics data shows that eligible Bitcoin Profit users have claimed 117 million UNI tokens.

Historical airdrop for UNI
During the day of Thursday, September 17, users claimed a total of 86 million UNI tokens.

At the current market price of $ 4.97, that means just under $ 580 million has been distributed.

Wednesday, September 16, uniswap announced he was giving 400 UNI to each address Ethereum who used the uniswap protocol before 1 st September.

The decentralized exchange said it will issue and distribute 1 billion UNI tokens to the community over the next four years

So far, 190,000 eligible wallet addresses have claimed their tokens. And nearly 140,000 did so the day after the announcement.

The number of protocol users has dropped sharply, with 1557 addresses requesting the airdrop.

At launch on September 17, the price of UNI rose from $ 3.87 to $ 7.82, an increase of almost 100% in 2 days. Governance altcoin is trading at $ 4.97 as of this writing.