Bitcoin reaches 37,500 dollars, new altitude record 2021!

Bitcoin seems to be a lifebuoy for callers at sea. As America burns, bitcoin rises to a new all time high. The cryptocurrency rose to 37,500 USD this morning. This has also caused the market cap of the entire crypto bull scam market to rise to 1 trillion USD, an absolute milestone.

Bitcoin reaches top of channel

The price of bitcoin has been moving in a rising channel since mid-December. Yesterday the price found support at the center of the channel (the red line on the chart below). Now it gets exciting: does bitcoin break through the top? Or does the price drop back to the red line at $35,000 (€28,397)?


The total market capitalization has grown by more than 10% in the last 24 hours. This breaks the cryptomarket by 1 trillion dollars. An absolute record and new milestone in the history of the young market. One trillion is one million times one million.